Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends shalom rav,

We hope you are well!


This may be the first weekly update you receive directly from us, and is part of our goal to have more direct and open communication with all our partners in this program
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This update is being sent weekly before Shabbat starts in Israel. It summarizes the week and what our groups are up to, and has different corners:

·         Update from shnattim
·         Israel update
·         International news
·         Weekly portion section
·         Shabbat Treat- a fun corner

This weekly update is dedicated to our Southern group, who is now the proud big sisters/ brothers of a brand new group of shnattim- Shnat Nof North, that landed early this morning!! Today we started the orientation seminar, after which they will move to Kibbutz Lota for a month of group program. This week, the Northerners are in Jerusalem, on a very special time of the year- Chag Sukkot, on which Jews from all over the world used to do pilgrimage, and still do today. Next week, both groups will be united on Kibbutz Lotan, and will also spend a Shabbat together.