Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends,

Shana Tova!


Our shnattim have been in Israel since late January, meaning- 8 months! They feel they know Israel and seen everything there is to see. This time of year may surprise them- Israel becomes all festive during this time of year- Sukkot decorations are all over the place, Shofarot, the 4 species, lots of honey and festivities. People are out and about, going to Slichot, asking for forgiveness, and of course- eating a lot.

This week we celebrated Rosh Hashana, giving the shnattim some time off to rest and enjoy the holiday. Some stayed on Kibbutz, some travelled to Jerusalem and other places. The Kibbutz was so impressed with the shnattim and shared this with them:

"The kibbutz is very grateful for all the toranuyot (shifts) and help those of you were here gave during the holiday. I was moved to see some of you on your Aliyah La'Torah, and hope you enjoyed Rosh Hashana and you are ready to start a great new year".

We are very proud of the shnattim, and are really happy to spend some time with them next week on Kibbutz!

Wishing you all a great and relaxing weekend.