Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends shalom rav,

We hope you are well.

The winter has officially arrived to Israel. 3 weeks ago we desperately prayed for the rains to come, and last week our prayers were answered! This week, we had a storm- thunders and lightening, crazy amounts of rains, winds, and even hail.

On Tuesday I traveled to visit the shnattim in their beautiful villa in Me'ona, and it was so great seeing them all J . The shnattim seem to have settled into their new villa, but it will take some adjustment to getting used to living with 12 other people around you, cooking, shopping, and of course- cleaning. The main highlights the shnattim mentioned are their host families, the varied volunteering, and their two brilliant madrichim- Amir and Elinor!