Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends shalom rav,

We hope you are well.


This has been a very quiet week, as one would expect when our shnattim are all over the country (and world) while on their break! You can hear a bit more about this below on Olivia's update. Attached are the last photos from the Tel- Aviv period, and next week you should expect completely different scenery- less people- more nature, less green, more uniqueness. A second before that happens, here are a couple of photos from the workshops we had last Wednesday and Thursday-

It is also a pleasure to welcome Judith, the first Netzer France participant, joining the Southern group! Judith- Bonne chance!!

We wish all our shnattim a great rest of their vacation, and looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Lotan- here we come!!!

+ The Southern Corner

Weekly update by Olivia T.

This week was our chefosh week, were we got the opportunity to relax and catch up on some well needed sleep, as we finish Bina and head to kibbutz for the end of our program. We started this week with everyone returning back to Jerusalem, then everyone going there own way around Israel, except Tam that is in Poland and Mia that is with her family in South Africa. Most people are in Haifa and Tel aviv, while Ayanda, Jordon, Henry and I are staying back in Jerusalem, taking advantage of the city before we go to Lotan.

Several of the people in Haifa met up with some of friends from Hashomer went to a Hadag Nachash and Hatikva 6 concert, and seemed to have a great time. Also the people that stayed in Jerusalem got a nice surprise of our new member of the kvutsah (group) Judith from Paris, who is joining us for the rest of our shnat. We are excited to have her here and she can’t wait to meet the rest of the kvutsah and start Lotan together.

+ Israel Update Dear reader,

Dear reader,

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Israel? I have asked this question hundreds of times while visiting Diaspora Jewish communities around the world. The top answer this year: homeland.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a trademark slogan: “If you see something, say something.” This is really the essence of my trips, to encourage Diaspora Jews to see Israel as it is—for all of its blessings and challenges—and to speak up when their Jewish conscience tells them to.

Indifference is one of the greatest existential challenges facing Israel today. Indifference from without and indifference from within. The antidote to indifference is action. People are moved to action when they feel they have a stake in the outcome. When I talk to Diaspora Jews, my job is to remind them that they have as much a stake in Israel as I do.

Many congregations are now planning their calendar for the upcoming year. If you think, like I do, that you have a role to play in the greatest modern adventure of the Jewish people; if you want to tackle Israel apathy in your community; if you need someone to remind your congregation that their silence about Israel serves no one, then I’m your gal.

Invite me to come to your synagogue or your JCC. You won’t regret it.


+ International

TaMaR young adults convention in Europe!!!
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The Meaning of an Olympic Snub
The Arab world has a problem of the mind, and its name is anti-Semitism.
alt text
Egypt's Islam El Shehaby declines to shake hands with Israel's Or Sasson Friday. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS

IsraAID wins Mohammad Ali award of humanitarian aid work
The Muhammad Ali Center has decided to award IsraAID the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for the work the Israeli aid organization has done all over the world; the Gala and awards ceremony will take place in Louisville, Kentucky on September 17th.
alt text

+ The weekly portion

In the Parashat Hashavu'a corner, we will direct you to the World Union for Progressive Judaism's column "Torah from around the world", where each week another Progressive Rabbi writes about the weekly portion. For this week's portion-

+ Shabbat Treat

This is a short video of Grace- the director of the Babysitter place, where most of our shnattim volunteered while in Tel- Aviv. This is her saying THANK YOU and FAREWELL to our amazing shnattim!

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom, 

Lior and the Netzer staff


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