Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends shalom rav,

We hope you are well.


In the past couple of days, Shnat Netzer took part in a Pioneers Seminar in the Negev, organized by the World Zionist Organization, the JNF and the Zionist Youth Movement' participants currently spending a year in Israel. The purpose of this seminar was to show the different Zionist enterprises in Israel, and in specific- in the Negev, which is a desert, covering 60% of the land of Israel. I surprised the Shnattim in the middle of the desert, in a place calledSd'e Boker. You may have heard of it, as it was Ben- Gurion's home, and where he is buried as well.  

We toured Sd'e Boler, learnt about Ben Gurion and the erea. We hiked for a couple of hours, taking some alone time in the desert as well. Later, we heard a lecture from past- soldier who took part in the Entebbe Raid. It was quite fascinating! To wrap the evening, we headed to Han Shayarot, a huge Bedouin style hospitality area, where we had a lovely dinner followed by a main event. In it we stood for a minute of silence to remember Shimon Peres, who passed away the night before (more about the man and his story below) and saw a short video about him. We heard a few speeches about the Jewish people, and us, as Zionist Youth Movement members being the future of it. And lastly, we had great two performances- one by the Israeli Scouts Caravan, and one by Hatikva 6, a well-known Israeli band.  It was great seeing over 700 youth movement' participants all gathered in one place- gives a lot of strength and hope.

 It was really great seeing them and spending time together. I only now realisehow much they grew in the past month on Kibbutz and how much more mature they are.


May this year bring much more growth and stability. May we be happy and content with what we have, and aspire to be better.

Shana Tova!