A Reflection from Melbourne's Year 10 Hadricha (Leadership) Seminar 2017

Written by Nyah Shahab and Claire Green, Year 10

In preparation for being madatzim (junior leaders) on junior camp in a few months, from the 13th to the 15th of October, Perach (the year 10 age group) was given the incredible opportunity to run a seminar for our bogrim (leaders). It was a weekend of group leadership and bonding. This weekend was unlike any other Netzer camp we’ve participated in before, because this time, we were in charge!


Perach worked tirelessly with the endless support of our Bogrim to prepare for this intense weekend, to ensure that the weekend ran smoothly. We met every week and assigned ourselves to the different programs and activities we wanted to run. Whether it was kitchen, Shabbat, Shacharit, Kef or an education program, through teamwork and determination we were able to finalise a plan for the whole weekend, with everyone being more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Hadsem (Hadricha Seminar) began on Friday afternoon when we gathered at King David, eager and filled with anticipation for the next days to come. After the inevitable struggle of fitting all our belongings on the bus, we were off! We traveled with the other seniors and arrived, ready to run Shabbat. The Parasha was Bereishit, so naturally, the Shabbat group was excited to discuss creationism, combining a service with an artistic flare. The sense of community throughout our service was strong, and if anything, was intensified, as the responsibility rested on our shoulders to ensure a smooth running. We practiced our peer leadership skills as we brought everyone together to celebrate Shabbat and embrace our Jewish identities.

Following our Shabbat dinner with Tiyul, we squished ourselves into the bogrim’s respective cars and headed off to the house where we would be spending the rest of our weekend. The excitement for what was to come was palpable as we officially started our programs.

We began to feel the weight of the day, after the conclusion of our kef program. We encouraged the bogrim to prepare for bed and we gathered in the garden to hold our first meeting and go over the seder hayom (order of the day). This meeting was incredibly special, as we all mutually agreed upon issues that had arisen and focused on ways we could work together to quell them. All feeling the pressure to do well, we encouraged one another and helped one another.

Saturday ran past us swiftly, however, the morning was a definite highlight. Each morning on a camp is both anticipated and dreaded as we await being woken up by our leaders to loud music and only somewhat coordinated dance moves. This was our opportunity to turn the tables and we took great joy in doing so. At 8.30am we had the speakers ready and danced towards our bogrims’ room to wake them up for the day.

Shacharit, our peulah’s, activities by the beach and Havdalah ran smoothly and was met with great involvement throughout the day. There was a consistent, understanding environment created for all the participants and we all enjoyed it. It was a full day of programs and we all stepped up to exercise our leadership skills, having meaningful discussions and fun. We sang, danced and ate together, finishing the night off watching and discussing the ethics of a movie.

On Sunday we prepared to return home, dreading normal life after such an incredible weekend. While we were not pleased about leaving, we were all so ecstatic with the successes of the weekend. It gave us the opportunity to develop our leading skills and act accordingly to each situation. Our confidence has no doubt increased and we are so excited to be madatzim.


Netzer Melbourne's Hadricha Seminar is a unique and empowering leadership experience that we are able to facilitate from generous donations to the Netzer Appeal. Any donation would be greatly appreciated: https://netzer.org.au/appeal .