+ Why send your child to Netzer?

Netzer is the only youth movement of the Progressive Jewish and Zionist community in Australia. We provide informal Jewish education through creative programming and activities. We strongly believe in the value of youth led education – youth helping each other to grow and develop. Above all, Netzer is an accepting and warm community- a safe and nurturing place for all.

+ What exactly are camps?

Netzer camps run twice a year. The first, in the term 2 school holidays (June/July) and the second, over the summer holidays (December/January). Camps run for 6-10 days, depending on whether the camp is for junior or senior participants. Camps are run by the madrichim (university aged leaders) and are supervised by shlichim (Israel emissaries). Camps are an excellent opportunity to experience Netzer in full swing- and be immersed in Jewish education, culture, friends and fun!

+ Who runs our camps?

The planning of the camps is coordinated by two elected roshim (heads of camp). Together with the relevant shaliach (there is a shaliach in Melbourne and a shaliach in Sydney), and with the help of the state or federal executives, these leaders are responsible for the running of camp. Each Netzer leader is allocated to a year level, and is responsible for the programming and experience of their particular year level on camp.

+ What is the size of our camps?

Netzer camp sizes vary and it is often hard to estimate a figure. In recent years, we have attracted approximately 75-100 participants for junior camps (year 3-year 9) and 70-80 participants on senior camps (year 10- year 12).

+ Why is Netzer vegetarian?

In 2008, Netzer leaders and senior participants voted for Netzer to become vegetarian on all camps and activities. We believe that a vegetarian diet is an act of tikkun olam, repairing our world, and will lead to the betterment of the environment and the human race. For more information – here’s a document!

+ When was Netzer created?

Netzer was the brainchild of a group of keen young leaders who noticed that the Progressive community of Australia did not have a youth movement. With the help of the community leaders as well as Arik and Tal Hatzor (the first shlichim), Netzer ran its first camp in 1979 and is still running camps and activities today.

+ Is there Netzer in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or QLD?

There is an active branch of Netzer in Perth; With the help of the Temple David synagogue, Shabbatonim are run for the Perth youth approximately once a school term. Netzer arranges for extra leaders from Melbourne and Sydney to fly to Perth to assist.

Adelaide have adopted an integrated model of youth movements known as JAZY (Jewish Adelaide Zionist Youth), encompassing all of the youth movements under one umbrella. While there is no stand alone Netzer branch, Netzer works very closely with Beit Shalom synagogue and sends leaders from Melbourne and Sydney to run activities and camps in Adelaide.

There are no Netzer branches in Canberra or QLD, although, from time to time, Netzer runs Shabbatonim (Shabbat sleepovers) for the youth in these communities.