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+ Camp Attendance Information

Netzer Australia asks that chanichim do not bring electronic devices (eg: iPods, laptops etc.) on camp as they detract from the camp atmosphere.

Netzer Australia Inc. is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.

Netzer Australia maintains a NO NUTS policy at all of our camps. Please respect this and do not send any food on camp with your child that contains nuts.

Small sweets may be brought on camp, however please respect our vegetarian and kashrut policies. This means no animal gelatine products.

Netzer Australia is sunsmart so please do not bring any singlets on camp.

Netzer Australia aims to create an open, friendly and safe environment, as such we have a no tolerance policy for bullying.

Items such as weapons, knives, alcohol, cigarettes, matches and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on Netzer camp; any chanich/a found with these items will be sent home at the expense of the participant’s guardian.

We also reserve the right to send any child home at the expense of the participant’s guardian if we deem their behaviour to be unacceptable or anti-social.

+ Packing List

A reminder that this is not a comprehensive list, and that if there are any additional items that will make your child's time on camp more enjoyable, we advise you bring it along.

  • Sleeping bag (Campsite provides fitted sheet and pillow, however feel free to bring your own)
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Torch
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo etc.)
  • Pillow
  • Musical Instruments
  • Dress-Ups
  • Netzer Chultzah (Shirt)
  • Sun Hat (Not a cap)
  • T-Shirts / Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Warm Jumper
  • Warm Pants
  • Comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Nice Clothes for Shabbat
  • Clothes to get dirty
  • Bus snacks (vegetarian and no nuts)
  • Medication^

^Any medication should be correctly labelled with name, year group and instructions, and will be collected by our medic at the time of drop-off.

+ What exactly is camp?

Netzer camps run twice a year. The first, in the Term 2 school holidays (June/July) and the second, over the Summer holidays (January). Camps run for 4-9 days, depending on whether the camp is for Junior or Senior participants. Camps are run by the madrichim (university aged leaders) and are supervised by shlichim (Israel emissaries). Camps are an excellent opportunity to experience Netzer in full swing- and be immersed in Jewish education, culture, friends and fun!

+ What exactly is MachaNetzer?

Since 1979, participants of Netzer have been attending Netzer events across the world to make new friends in the Jewish community, channel their passion for social action, explore their Judaism, and grow as young leaders. As the youth movement of the Australian progressive Jewish community, we aim to provide the ultimate mix of informal Jewish education with a load of fun. It is on Machanetzer in particular, our federal senior summer camp, that this enthusiasm and sense of community really shines through, and we want to invite anyone we can to join in on these unique experiences.

+ Who runs the camp?

The planning of camp is coordinated by the elected Roshim/ot (heads of camp). Together with the relevant shaliach, and with the help of the state or federal executives, these leaders are responsible for the running of camp. Each Netzer leader is allocated to a year level, and is responsible for the programming and experience of their particular year level on camp.

+ What is the usual size of a Netzer camp?

Netzer camp sizes vary and it is often hard to estimate a figure. In recent years, we have attracted approximately 100 chanichim (participants) on MachaNetzer.

Any other queries?

Please contact Tahlia or Sara, the roshot (heads) of MachaNetzer 2020.

Tahlia Bowen (Canberra)
phone: +61 407 434 241
email: machanetzer@netzer.org.au

Sara Reed (Perth)
phone: +61 433 964 151
email: machanetzer@netzer.org.au

MachaNetzer is Netzer’s federal camp, bringing together participants in years 9-12 from across Australia for 9 days of fun! It’s immersive and educational, focusing on experiencing Progressive Judaism, personal development, and much more! 


Chanichim (Participants): $760

Registering more than one participant for MachaNetzer?
Netzer offers a sibling discount of $25 per each additional child (after a single full priced registration), simply fill in the Sibling items on the payment page of the form.

Please only apply the sibling discount once for each additional child overall, regardless of completing independent registration forms.


If you require a subsidy, please contact Sefi Shalem BEFORE beginning registration.

Sefi Shalem - VIC Shaliach (Israel Emissary)
phone: +61 487 444 122
email: shaliachvic@netzer.org.au