Shnat Netzer Maayan Beit Shmuel

Shnat Netzer is a ten month leadership program in Israel with the aims of developing leadership skills within Netzer and the wider Jewish community. It also aims to increase participant's understanding of Netzer's ideology through Progressive Jewish and Reform Zionist 'hagshama' (self-realisation) experience.  The program is about gaining a relationship with the land and the people of the State of Israel, creating a 'kvutzah' (group) with your year level, and encouraging personal growth. After the program is done, the participants are given one of the most incredible opportunities - to come back and lead in the community.  

If you'd like to help a participant attend Shnat in 2019, please donate to The Netzer Appeal below.


  • Daily classes on Judaism, Zionism, Leadership, Philosophy, Israel, History, and much more!

  • Choice between Machon, living in a pluralist environment with other Youth Movements, and Etgar, Independent communal living with Netzer people from around the world.


  • Living communicably with your Australian Netzer group in the heart of Tel Aviv.

  • Volunteering during the week, helping the local community in different areas.

  • Classes one day a week in the secular organisation ‘Bina’, critically thinking about areas of Israel and Judaism.


  • Kibbutz Lotan, Located in the Arava in Israel’s south, is a Reform Jewish Kibbutz founded by participants of Netzer world wide in 1983.

  • Become part of the community activity, and form friendships with people living there.

  • Working together with members of he community in different areas of the Kibbutz.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact:

Shnat Rakezet (Shnat Co-ordinator):
Nicki Braun

+61 425 392 058