Sydney Winter Camp

YEARS 3-12

July 11th - 16th

Camp Prices

Price: $450

Year 11/Leading (Madatz) Price: $150

Sibling Discount: $25

If you are signing up another child on Machane B'yachad, Netzer offers a sibling discount of $25 per each ADDITIONAL child. This special offer applies to every signup after a single full priced signup.


Please note: There is a $15 surcharge for any camp fees paid for via PayPal

Payment is completed at the end of the Sign Up Form.

If you require a subsidy, please see below.


Please fill out, and upload a signed copy of the Indemnity form to the form below.


If you require a subsidy, please contact Shaliach Dave Gottlib on 0432 231 192 or at ''. BEFORE beginning registration.

+ Camp Attendance Information

Netzer Australia asks that chanichim do not bring electronic devices (eg: iPods, laptops etc.) on camp as they detract from the camp atmosphere.

Netzer Australia Inc. is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.

Netzer Australia maintains a NO NUTS policy at all of our camps. Please respect this and do not send any food on camp with your child that contains nuts.

Netzer Australia is a vegetarian movement.

Small sweets may be brought on camp, however please respect our vegetarian and kashrut policies.

This means no animal gelatine products.

Netzer Australia is sunsmart so please do not bring any singlets on camp.

Items such as weapons, knives, alcohol, cigarettes, matches and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on Netzer camp; any chanich/a found with these items will be sent home at the expense of the participant’s guardian.

Netzer Australia aims to create an open, friendly and safe environment, as such we have a no tolerance policy for bullying.

> We reserve the right to send any child home at the expense of the participant’s guardian if we deem their behaviour to be unacceptable or anti-social.