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+ What exactly are camps?

Netzer camps run twice a year. The first, in the term 2 school holidays (June/July) and the second, over the summer holidays (December/January). Camps run for 6-10 days, depending on whether the camp is for junior or senior participants. Camps are run by the madrichim (university aged leaders) and are supervised by shlichim (Israel emissaries). Camps are an excellent opportunity to experience Netzer in full swing- and be immersed in Jewish education, culture, friends and fun!

+ Who runs our camps?

The planning of the camps is coordinated by two elected roshim (heads of camp). Together with the relevant shaliach (there is a shaliach in Melbourne and a shaliach in Sydney), and with the help of the state or federal executives, these leaders are responsible for the running of camp. Each Netzer leader is allocated to a year level, and is responsible for the programming and experience of their particular year level on camp.

+ What is the size of our camps?

Netzer camp sizes vary and it is often hard to estimate a figure. In recent years, we have attracted approximately 70-90 participants for junior camps (Year 3 - Year 8) and 80-100 participants on senior camps (Year 9 - Year 12).




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