Beliefs, Aims & Policies

This book is a statement of Netzer Australia’s Beliefs, Aims and Policies (BAP).

Its purpose is to describe the current beliefs held by the senior movement and bogrim body. It is intended to specify important aims the movement strives for. Furthermore, it is intended to detail the policies that Netzer Australia holds regarding the implementation of these beliefs.


The Netzer Australia Inc. Indemnity form is a document that allows Netzer Australia madrichimot (leaders) and shlichimot (Israel emissaries) to safely carry out our operations while we have participants in our care.

Please note that no participant is able to attend and participant in any Netzer Australia events with a signed indemnity form from their legal guardian.

Netzer Australia is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children policies

Netzer Australia is an affiliate of the AZYC which abides by accredited Safeguarding Children policies

AZYC Guidelines and Policies

The Australasian Zionist Youth Council Inc (AZYC), is the roof body for Australia and New Zealand’s 7 Zionist youth movements and 2 umbrella organisations.

The AZYC, along with Netzer Australia are committed to safeguarding children and to ensuring that all young people who attend our activities, camp and seminars are protected from harm, and take seriously out responsibility to create an environment that is caring and safe primarily because we recognised such an environment is essential for education, empowering and impassioning Jewish youth.

The AZYC and the Movements work with the Australian Childhood Foundation and have implemented the AZYC Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy that seek to protect our chanichim from child abuse and neglect, and maintain a safe environment in which chanichim feel comfortable to be in.

The policy and procedures listed below have allowed for the Movements to become formally accredited as a ACF Safeguarding Children organisation in March 2013.

Guidelines to Parents

Policies and Practice Guidelines

Rights of young people

Privacy Policy